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 Bible App

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At the Harvest we are committed to teaching God's word with simplicity.  We intend to teach it so simple that even a child can understand it.  


Bible App is where you can come and learn about the Bible in a non-intimidating atmosphere.  Bring your Bible and get ready to experience the Bible coming alive right in front of your eyes as RHCC Senior Pastors and leaders expound on the scriptures. You're invited to interact or just sit and listen. Come expecting to be filled and ready to leave excited about what you learn.  


We offer Bible App every Wednesday @ 6:30. Join us!  Learn lessons from God's word that will help you become a better, disciple at home and outside of the home. Remember your first ministry is at home.  

At the moment, we are having Bible App virtually in our zoom room.  To keep the room safe we are only providing sign in information upon request.

Text us at (919)-924-2744

or email us

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