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RHCC Leadership

Pastor David and Pastor Valissa Moore

David and Valissa are born-again, baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit.  They have been married for over 36 years and are the proud parents of three beautiful daughters.  They are the founders of Moore and Moore Ministries International and very passionate about doing the work of the Lord.  


David and Valissa have been in ministry for over 25 years and knew one day God would have them pastor together.  In 2011 God began to impress upon both of them that it was time for that vision to manifest into the physical and Reaping the Harvest Christian Church was born in 2012.  Read additional information below.         



In 2000 David was ordained as a Deacon and later, successfully served as a Deacon Chair, until God called him to preach and teach his word.  He is an anointed teacher, preacher, evangelist, conference speaker and is currently enrolled at Andersonville Seminary in pursuit of his Bachelors in Theology.    


David is an anointed man of God who uses life applicable lessons and sermons to teach and preach God's word.  He is a transparent preacher, one who doesn't mind sharing life's experiences, good or bad, so that others can get a better understanding of scripture. He is a man after God's own heart; willing and able to lead God's people.  He is passionate about family and desires to lead other men by being a godly example and voice, so they will better understand their position and purpose within the family unit.  

His favorite thing to do outside of spending time with his beautiful wife and family is to actively participate in all kinds of sports.  However, he is especially passionate about basketball!  

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Valissa began ministering in song at the age of 15, then in 1998, God called her to preach his word with simplicity, so simple that even a child could understand it.  In that same year, God gave her the vision for Moore and Moore Ministries International but also asked her to homeschool.  Not wanting to preach or homeschool, she questioned the call but later succumbed to God's will.  She didn't realize it 15 years ago, but God would use homeschooling her children to prepare her for her destiny.  

She is an ordained minister and powerful woman of God, ready, willing and able to preach and teach God’s Word.  She is an accomplished poet, author, teacher, preacher, evangelist, revivalist, conference speaker, songwriter, and Gospel recording artist. 

Rev. Moore has a passion for strengthening and restoring marriages.  Coming from a broken home herself, she knows first-hand the affect it can have.  As a result, she is committed to providing conferences, Bible studies, etc. to help reduce the divorce rate.  She loves the Lord and is extremely grateful for all he's done in her life and for trusting her to be a part of this awesome unfolding vision. Her favorite things to do outside of spending time with her handsome husband and family are cooking, reading, sewing, writing songs and books, and singing!


Her favorite saying is, "If you meet me and forget me, you've lost nothing but if you meet Jesus Christ and forget him, you've lost everything!"

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