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Virtual Disciple

Become a V-Disciple

Someone from our chruch will get in touch with you real soon!

Welcome to the Kingdom!

Become a V-Disciple and help us change the world, one person at a time, beginning with yourself!

As times and seasons change, the church has to adapt to those changes.  We will never change our message but there are times when we have to change our methods.  With Covid making an entrance into our world in the year 2020, for some of us, our eyes have seen things, we've never seen before.

With that said, we understand there are those who want to be able to attend church but are not able to physically be in the building.  Maybe it's because you live too far away, maybe you're a senior citizen and you don't have transportation, maybe you just prefer to participate from home. 

Whatever your reason, we hear you, and we invite you to join us virtually.

What is a V-Disciple?  The "V" in V-Disciple stands for "virtual."  As a V-Disciple you will be able to join us virtually/online on Sunday mornings at 11:00 A.M. for worship service, Bible App on Wednesday nights in Zoom at 6:30 EST, submit prayer request, participate in sowing and tithing into the ministry, and Pastor D and Pastor V will become your pastors.  When we offer additional events throughout the year, you will be welcomed to come, share and participate in the events if you desire.

You can even consider becoming a V-hostess in your area and invite others to view service and Bible App with you! 

To get started, we need for you to provide us with some information about yourself and submit any prayer request you presently have and a leader from the church will be in touch with you.


Pastor V and Pastor D, Senior Pastors     

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